Our goal is to create excellent Solidity and web3 technical content in a fast, iterative, and consistent manner. We aim to be the most comprehensive web3 development resource, covering beginner, intermediate, and advanced solidity development concepts. We plan to cover DeFi, and NFTs and do deep dives into popular protocols. Additionally, we aim to include various mini-projects and larger capstone projects. The content on this site is still in HEAVY draft mode and will improve over time through fast iteration and external feedback. We will be linking and drafting content iteratively. Find this useful? Please share it with your friends: [web3manifold.dev](https://web3manifold.dev/). Have any suggestions? Please reach out via [Join our discord](https://discord.gg/PqVhBKxSKb) and let us know what can be added or improved. Thank you in advance for reading and for any comments you may have! ## Getting Started - Check out [[1. Start here - Technical Content Overview]] section to get an overview of the syllabus. It is still under HEAVY editing and rearranging. - Go to the [[Setting up Your Computer For Web3 Projects]] to set up your machine if you are new to web3 development. ## Audience Our initial audience is web2 developers with over 1-year experience. Have a question about the content? You can message [@0xAlbertorio](https://twitter.com/0xAlbertorio) on Twitter or [join our discord](https://discord.gg/PqVhBKxSKb) and have a chat. We assume that you know **at least the basics** of: - 1 year of programming - JavaScript - React - NodeJS - Command-line terminal For those new to programming, check out [ConsenSys Academy's Basic Training](https://consensys.net/blog/developers/introducing-basic-training-a-free-consensys-academy-course-for-software-engineering-fundamentals/), a free course to guide new developers or the various courses by [FreeCodeCamp](https://www.freecodecamp.org/) or [Codecademy](https://www.codecademy.com/). If you are curious, check out this [basic introduction to Ethereum](https://ethereum.org/en/developers/docs/intro-to-ethereum/). ## Solidity Overview Solidity is a programming scripting language to create smart contracts on Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) based blockchains. Ethereum was the first programmable blockchain that allowed any arbitrary logic. Bitcoin has scripting capabilities, but it is severely limited. We will learn Solidity from basics to advanced concepts via written lessons, mini projects, and larger capstone projects. If you are stuck, there are resources online to help, like the [official Solidity documentation](https://docs.soliditylang.org/en/v0.8.14/) and [solidity-by-example.org](https://solidity-by-example.org/). If you want a [basic overview of the Ethereum Stack, check out this article](https://ethereum.org/en/developers/docs/ethereum-stack/). Additionally, you can [explore the architecture of a web3 application](https://www.preethikasireddy.com/post/the-architecture-of-a-web-3-0-application). ## Why are we doing this Our goal is to simplify the developer experience for Solidity developers at scale. The more you learn, the more you earn. We are honored to be part of that experience and appreciate your time. Save time trying to find tutorials or insights. Instead, leap over the gap between beginner and advanced tutorials. ## Writing Method We aim to have a quick and dirty approach: Just write each section and organize it into pillars as things connect. It's better to have content that can be iteratively improved than to deliberate too much on what will be created and in what order. The content can be shifted, edited, reformatted, and recycled as required. Create -> publish -> deep dive and add -> edit -> test -> publish ## Feedback Have feedback? Found something that needs to be updated, accurate, or explained? [Join our discord](https://discord.gg/PqVhBKxSKb) and share what can be improved. Any and all feedback is welcomed. ## Welcome to the Manifold, Anon Welcome to the Manifold, Anon... How far it goes, depends on how far you go. ![[stylish_ethereum_logo_in_the_style_of_b56ba598-b08f-4526-bb5b-fc3a0acaa83a.png]]